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InGaAs Photodiodes
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 DescriptionModel No.Sensitive sizeDark CurrentPackageApplications
high speedKPDE10GC-V228μmφ10pA@5VChip Material10Gbps receivers
high speedKPDE00445μmφ20pA@5Vhermetically sealed pig tailDC-3Gbps receivers
high speedKPDE00660μmφ30pA@2VDC-2.5Gbps receivers
high speedKPDE00880μmφ30pA@5VDC-1.25Gbps receivers
high speedKPDE020200μmφ50pA@5VDC-1GHz power monitor
high speedKPDE030300μmφ100pA@5VDC-600MHz power monitor
large areaKPDE086S0.86 x 0.86 (mm) 1nA@5Vhermetically sealedNear InfraRed(NIR) sensors, LD & LED power monitors, Near InfraRed(NIR) spectroscopy, LD & LED aging equipments, Power meters
large areaKPDE1501500μmφ1nA@1V
large areaKPDE3003000μmφ2nA@1V
mini CanKPDE008-S80μmφ30pA@5VMini can, PigtailFor high-density packaging of multiple photodiode channels
mini CanKPDE020-S200μmφ50pA@5V
mini CanKPDE030-S300μmφ100pA@5V
mini pig tailKPDE008S-TU80μmφ30pA@5VMini Can pig tail
mini pig tailKPDE030SA-TU300μmφ160pA@5V
L bandKPDE030SL300μmφ100pA@5Vhermetically sealedOptical output monitor for DWDM
24 channelKPDM024MT80μmφ80pA@5V24 channel optical power monitoring photodiode array
edge illuminated KPEIMC-100100x80 (μm) 35pA@5VChip MaterialActive area on chip edge facet enlarged for efficient coupling of optical interconnection
edge illuminated KPEIMC-UDCOM100x120 (μm) 50pA@5Vphotodiode with a large aperture
laser back light power monitor
arrayKPA8-2N80μmφ80pA@5V8ch array with 250µm pitchOptical fiber butt-joint with 250µm pitch
arrayKPA4-2N80μmφ80pA@5V4ch array with 250µm pitch