Message from CEO

Optical Communication

Kyoto Semiconductor was founded in Kyoto in 1980 as a specialized manufacturer of optical semiconductors. The optical devices we have developed, manufactured and sold for the past 40 years have been regarded highly by our customers all over the world for their reliable technology and excellent quality.

Our optical semiconductor devices manufactured by us using compounds such as InGaAs (indium gallium arsenide) boast high performance, and deliver world-class technological prowess especially for high-speed photodiodes for communication. We also develop unique packaging technology that can handle light with high accuracy according to the market’s implementation demands, and we are able to provide the optimum optical device solution especially for the wide range of demands found in the IoT market. Our business model is to manage right from the front-end process (wafer) all the way through to the back-end process (packaging) at our own base in Japan with our integrated system, as well as to achieve low-volume, high-mix manufacturing with high-quality manufacturing typical of products made in Japan.

Our products are positioned as indispensable strategic backbone components in 5G and IoT, and in the 5G and IoT markets where explosive growth is expected going forward, our strategy will be to lead “optical device solutions” made by “Japanese quality manufacturing” with our “world-class technology.”

I was appointed President and CEO on April 1, 2020. Taking advantage of my marketing and management experience in the semiconductor industry, I will help to provide our products to more customers as more diverse solutions.

As an “optical device solution company,” we will aim to make further strides forward. We promise to meet the needs of our customers and serve our stakeholders.

Please look forward to Kyoto Semiconductor!

President and CEO Tsuneo Takahashi