Thoughts on Sustainability

Contributing to Sustainable Society with Our Optical Technology

Kyoto Semiconductor aims to increase its corporate value by supporting the efforts of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals “SDGs” and setting ESG themes for contributing to environmental conservation, respecting the well-being of people and society, and fostering a reliable organization.

Reducing the Environmental Impact

It is important for us that the optical technology we work on is environmentally friendly. As the amount of information transmitted increases exponentially, the problem of energy efficiency will become more prominent in transmission technology using electricity. The technical challenge in improving information transmission with electricity is explained by Joule’s law. Transmitting a good quality electric signal requires high power, and thus a large amount of energy tends to be lost. Optical technology can contribute to reducing the environmental impact as an infrastructure for efficient information transmission.

From DX to Society 5.0 for SDGs

Kyoto Semiconductor is actively engaged in digital transformation (DX). One of these efforts is Smart FAB, which makes full use of old machines by implementing the latest cloud IT technologies. With Smart FAB, we are trying to create a business model in which we develop the world’s most advanced optical semiconductor devices with old generation equipment that reached the depreciation period. We expect this initiative, enabling plant data analysis anywhere in the world, can lead us not only to the reduction of industrial equipment waste, but also to Society 5.0 for SDGs; more humane and more environment-friendly world established by using both virtual and real measures.

Providing a Worlkplace Where Diverse Individuals Can Take Center Stage

Kyoto Semiconductor respects diversity. Through initiatives such as the Rising Star program, we aim to provide a workplace where diverse individuals can play an active role by evaluating their contributions to the company regardless of gender, nationality, religion, skin color, age, or educational background. There exists a demand for a wide variety of optical semiconductor devices across the globe. At Kyoto Semiconductor, we do not manufacture everything by mechanization. There are many situations where we dare choose people to manufacture in order to provide higher quality in product manufacturing. The individuals who realize this manufacturing style are also very important to us.

Fostering a Reliable Organization

The initiatives introduced above are only a part of our entire effort for sustainability. As the basis of our activities, however, the effort will not work unless the company is a reliable organization. We will make constant efforts to ensure the safety of our products and operations, as well as the management integrity.

We will aim to increase our corporate value through various initiatives that engage with the SDGs.