Three Key Values of Kyoto Semiconductor

Through our products used in optical communications and optical sensors around the world, Kyoto Semiconductor provides customers with three key values.

The Three Key Values of Kyoto Semiconductor

World-class technology

30 GHz Photodiode of: The Highest Level in the Compound Semiconductor Industry

Kyoto Semiconductor’s semiconductors are made using compounds such as InGaAs (indium gallium arsenide).

Compound semiconductors have excellent features, such as high-speed processing, low-voltage operation, and reaction to light, that cannot be achieved with general silicon semiconductors. While achieving optimum performance and characteristics for high-speed, large-capacity optical communication, compound semiconductors require special techniques for manufacturing and processing.

Kyoto Semiconductor develops and manufactures unique compound semiconductors by taking advantage of its world-class technological capabilities and manufacturingtechniques.

World-class technology

Japan quality manufacturing

The World’s Highest Quality Compound Semiconductor Is Manufactured at Our Own Plant
Highest quality compound semiconductor manufacturing in-house

Kyoto Semiconductor’s optical semiconductors are manufactured at our own plants in Hokkaido fromwafer processing to packaging. By consistently managing everything from design to manufacturing in Japan, we have achieved “Japanese quality” manufacturing that is regarded highly by our customers around the world.

Our Hokkaido Plants (Eniwa Office, Kamisunagawa Office) have acquired quality management system ISO9001 and environmental management system ISO14001 certifications.

Japanese quality manufacturing

Optical device solutions

We Offer Combinations of Various Packages and Chips That Cover a Wide Range of Wavelengths from Ultraviolet to Mid-infrared

Products that handle light are required to have special functions and structures in order to support the unique properties of light such as its wavelength, speed, and refractive index.

Kyoto Semiconductor develops semiconductor chips that cover a wide range of wavelengths from ultraviolet to mid-infrared, and products with a special structure that captures the incident light at the end face. In addition, these products are combined, packaged, and provided as a solution.

We fulfill various needs from customers by making full use of our packaging technologies, such as array ICs with 640 elements arranged in one package, module products that package from power supplies to compensation circuits, and products combining compound semiconductors and silicon semiconductors.

Optical device solutions