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Exhibition2006-12-15 Kyosemi Corporation and Kyosemi Opto America Corporation (KOAC) exhibited at BIOS 2007 (Biomedical Optics)in San Jose, California form Jan. 20 to 21, 2007. (Booth #8718 ).
Exhibition2006-12-12 Kyosemi Corporation exhibited at 7th Fiber Optics EXPO, FOE 2007 in Tokyo Big site Japan from 24 to 26, Jan. (Booth #5-37)
Exhibition2006-10-12 Kyosemi Corporation exhibited at Photovoltaic Pavilion of 30th Semicon Japan 2006 in Invention Hall, MAKUHARI MESSE from 6 to 8, Nov. (Booth #PV-02)
News2006-09-11 Kyosemi Corporation presented Sphelar® modules at PoP! Tech in Camden Maine, USA from 18-21 October
(Presenter of Sphelar® ; Mr. Blaine Brownell, an architect of NBBJ, Seattle USA).
Exhibition2006-08-28 Kyosemi Corporation exhibited at 1st Renewable Energy 2006 International Exhibition in 5 and 6 Hall of MAKUHARI MESSE International Convention Center from Oct 11-13, (Booth #C-19)
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News2006-08-08 Kyosemi’s Sphelar ® Window was selected and awarded as one of the Top 10 green building products of 2006 in the alternative energy field by the editors of Sustainable Industries Journal. (Portland, Ore.)
Exhibition2006-07-22 Kyosemi Corporation and Kyosemi Opto America Corporation (KOAC) jointly exhibited at 2006 Optics & Photonics Exhibition in San Diego, California form Aug 14 to 17, 2006. (Booth #1122 ).
Exhibition2006-07-22 Kyosemi Corporation exhibited at LEDEX Japan 2006 in Bellsalle Kanda, Tokyo from September 7 to 8.
Exhibition2006-04-21 Kyosemi Corporation and Kyosemi Opto America Corporation(KOAC)jointly exhibited at SENSORS EXPO & conference in Rosemont, Illinois from June 5 to 7, 2006. (Booth #1124 )
News2006-04-17 Kyosemi Corporation participated in the poster session of Argeria International Trade Fair held over 1-8 June 2006 under cooperation of JETRO.
News2006-03-30 The article entitled 'Spherical Micro Solar Cell manufactured by Microgravity Environment' appeared in "Science and Technology trends" Dec.2005 (published by National Institute of Science and Technology Policy) in the section of Manufacturing Technology Field.
News2006-03-22 Kyosemi Corporation signed a Collaboration Agreement with Robotiker-Technalia Center for the analysis of PV modules based on a new topology with domed structure, last December.
News2006-03-01 Kyosemi Opto America Corporation (KOAC) and their parent company, Kyosemi Corporation jointly exhibited the distinctive opto-devices relating to optical-communication at Booth #3555 of OFCNFOEC2006 on March 7 to 9, 2006 in Anaheim, CA USA.

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Si APD module KPM100
Si APD module integrated with a high speed transimpedance amplifier and a high voltage bias source.
Low profile parallel beam LED KED050-H23
Parallel beam LED with a newly designed low profile lens for optical encoders.
Photovoltaic power converter KPC8-T
High efficient power converter from 1300-1600nm laser light into electrical power.

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