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Achieves the Industry’s Smallest-in-Class Photodetector with a Broad Responsivity Range of 400 to 1,700nm

KP-2 Dual Wavelength Surface Mount Type Photodiode KPMC29 Developed Using Same Optical Axis for Optical Measurements

TOKYO-(Business Wire)-Kyoto Semiconductor Co., Ltd., with Tsuneo Takahashi as President & CEO and headquartered in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto, has led the optics industry for device solutions using world-class technologies and Japanese-level quality and attention to detail since its founding 40 years ago. Kyoto Semiconductor has developed the industry’s smallest-in-class surface mount type KP-2 dual wavelength photodiode KPMC29 (hereinafter referred as “two-tone PD”), which uses silicon and indium gallium arsenide photodiodes sharing the same optical axis and has a wide responsivity range of 400-1,700nm.

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